2 days, 2 battered legs, 220 MILES + alot of fun.

As I am sure most of you know, this past weekend I did the Maracycle, it's a huge cycling event with 600 + cyclists. 220 Miles in 2 days with an overnight stop in Dublin the capital of not only Ireland but of the GUINNESS beer. I signed up last minute, a week before and gave it my best shot and also raised a little money for the Prostate Cancer charity too! The most I had cycled before this was 70 miles and that was 3 weeks ago,  I'd never done a back to back! So the challenge was OWN! Thankyou so much to everyone who donated, it really is appreciated and if you would still like to donate you can here...


Here are some pics from our epic venture, it was an amazing event, saw some crazy countryside, tiny Irish towns, met some cool people, and made it home in one piece! thankyou to everyone who we teamed up with.

I signed up to the event with this guy... Andy Gilmer, pretty much the fittest dude I've met, and the only dude to lead the pack pretty much the whole way to Dublin with Chris + Shaun aka Mr Motivator in the head wind + with a back pack. Machine.

Not quite what we had imagined at the Lunch stop at 65 miles in, watery soup + sandos. I was thinking more of a pub lunch...

Cycling into Dublin was hell, it was hilly, rainy and cold... This is a pit stop with team 1'Oclock in a tiny wee town 18 miles out of Dublin!In a way, it was good as it just made cycling home yesterday so much easier.

Never been so keen to do it all again... not... ha. Ready in Dublin day 2... at the start gate 110 miles back to Belfast.


THE half way mark. Signs with the Irish lingo.

most people don't smile at the end of a hill climb, I don't know about you, but I was stoked to make it to the top of the biggest climb on the way home, last HILL! and off course Andy was up 2 minutes ahead of the rest of us in time to take a photo haha

Our crew on the way back, big group of the NDCC! Pink and black representing.

Some relieved faces to say the least, Clare, Nikki, Denise + me  back at the finish line in Belfast. These ladies know how to ride a bike! That last 14 miles was the hardest and fastest yet the longest 14 miles of my life!!!

NOW to CHILL for a few days and let the battered legs recover!!!