Red Bull

Super excited about this! Been in London the last 2 days and caught up with Red Bull UK at the HQ yesterday, followed by a delightful breakfast catch up with Tristian K @ Whitelines mag!

So we just got back from interviewing the lovely Aimee Fuller for a forthcoming edition of Whitelines, and what does she rock up wearing? Yep, a Red Bull cap. While we’d picked up that she’d been hanging around with the Red Bull lot out in New Zealand (where she landed a double backflip!) she didn’t actually sit down to sign on the dotted line til yesterday. The ink is probably still drying on her contract, so consider this a world exclusive! Aimee is understandably massively stoked on her new hook-up and we’re sure they’ll be helping her push herself to new heights this season.

If you want to read more about Ms Fuller, her double-up down under and her plans for the Olympics, keep your eyes peeled for the December issue of Whitelines.