On the road again... Belfast. London. Austria.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, with flying out to France for 2 days, losing my passport and getting back out to the mountains. My Kiwi mate and shredder Possum Torr, came over for a bit of a tourist mission to Belfast! So we toured around my home area,  the North coast and then hopped in the car on the ferry over to London. Here are a few pics from our shenanigans!

I had a crazy couple of days in London, from checking in with sponsors, doing a little shopping ...

Red Bull HQ London Bridge.

Thankyou so much to Vans for hooking it up, Carnaby St. NEW SHOES. whooo.

We did a good bit of a tourist mission... razzing around town on the olee Borris bikes and chasing down the guards along the Mall to Buckingham Palace!

We then linked up with the GB team and drove through the night to Austria, It has to be said we did a pretty good job of packing as much stuff as possible into a mini, 2 board bags, 2 suits cases, and a bike!

We also tested out the Auto Bahn offcourse... what a great invention!

We have had our first couple of days up on the Hintertux Glacier now, and the parks set to be epic!

Bonking over dutchie Joris O

Quik and Roxy UK crew represent. Jamie T and Billy M