Tux teaser

So it's been a really fun few days out in Hintertux, the weather has been grim, but we have entertained ourselves in many a ways... today the sun came out for us and some tricks went down today, ripped a few double backies again!Here is a just a little taster of some more to come. Filmed on my new GoPro 2 , stoked!

and a few photos from the last few days!

The girls on lunch break!!!

Dancing in the shadow! Me, Cheryl Maas, Possum Torr, Spencer O'Brien

The British lads at our awesome pad, getting the tan on, Ewan the CHEF Bossss man, Billy M and Ben Kilner

Myself and the little one , Ty Walker...

rain day louge

Possum and Billy got in a fight...

Jumped in some glacial run off for $10... great deal. Thanks Possum.