Red Bull UK camp!

I am currently sat en route home to Belfast after a really fun productive couple of days in Liverpool. Red Bull flew myself and all of the UK snow athletes over with Faye Downey, our “high performance BOSSS lady”!!! We were put up in a really nice hotel in the city. Had some really good food! And had an epic grilling from Faye in the gym.

The gang, Me, Faye Downey, Paddy Graham, Billy Morgan, Katie Summerhayes

Just casually lifting Paddy and Faye.

Not only did we do gym work, we mixed it up in-between sets as we had free runner Ryan Doyle involved in the mix, he taught us a ton of cool tricks, mainly revolving around us hurling ourselves across the room and learning how to roll / fall out of them safely!

We had a nutritionist, Graeme Close on site too! We got high tech with the body scan’s to tell us our boy fat percentages and bone density, interesting stuff!

Billy getting scanned!

Check out my Skeleton! Haha.

Katie on smoothie duty in-between sessions!

Pimp Asian food restaurant in town, they dance, play with fire and throw potato wedges at you to catch in your mouth!

I just put together a few short funny clips from our gymnastic / aerial awareness session with Ryan, Faye and Pat Sharples... not the best quality but some funny bails went down!

We had the GB gymnastics centre to ourselves for a few hours, Beth Tweddle, Bronze medal gymnast showed up, we showed her a thing or two! Haha. I think she was horrified at out hucking capacity.

Thanks a ton to RB UK for having us all over for the camp , Dan the man! And all of the crew for a wicked couple of days.