USA + Red Bull Camp.

I have been out in the USA for almost 2 weeks now, I flew out with my Red Bull UK hommie Paddy Graham. Thanks to Rich King for renting us a boass rental car. So I chilled in Breckenridge for a few days with Possum Torr + Kim Rune Hansen to get my feet back, acclimatize and get into the swing of thing's, it’s high up over here. The town of Breckenridge alone is at the same altitude as some of the highest peaks in Europe. After a few days in Breckenridge, we hit the road for Idaho, a 12 hour road trip with Paddy and Enni Rukajarvi to link up with the Red Bull North America crew over at the Performance camp.  The set up was insane for this early on in the season. We had 2 jumps, a rail line set up and a cannon to air bag.

Couldn’t have been in a better environment for getting my feet back, riding with the rest of the Red Bull gang, skiiers and snowboarders all from different countries, we had a rad crew and literally had the whole of Dollar Mountain to ourselves, with some good fitness / mobility sessions, trampoline with Matt Christensen and physios on site it was a great week, a huge thanks to Red Bull UK for sending us Brits out there...bring on the Dew Tour this week.

Our own Red Bull mountain for the week.

Box to bag set up.

morning stroll to the park

Few laps with my Level gloves team mate, Markus Eder

Keeping on top of the feet, ice baths and physio everyday. Feeling fresh.

In the gym with the boys, Per Lunstam keeping us on top of our game.

Hear no Evil, See no evil, speak no evil w/ girls. Me, Anna Gyramati, Enni, Kaya

stroll into Sun Valley with ski lady Kaya Turski

Billy Morgan. Paddy Graham. Paddy may look like a goober here, it's because he is on a snowboard haha

Back rodeo to finish of an epic week at camp.

Half way through our 13 hour drive back to Colorado, we stopped off at a cafe called the MIDDLE of NOWHERE!

Now I am back in Breckenridge, just back from checking out the course, it's looking good, excited to get things rolling over here.