So X games is a wrap! ASPEN IS THE SPOT!  here is a little wrap from the road of what went down. Leathers on the rainbow

LEATHERS on. Course is rad. Go time. Photo: Tom Zuccareno

Here is my first run. A little gutted I didn't get a full run through the course, but put it down to experience I had a blast, and  am going to get that bad boy on lock! I have never ridden such fun course with jumps like that before, it was next level fun and I am more amped than ever for the next contest.

Roxy put us up in an awesome house in the middle of town, with some pretty out there decor!

Roxy pad

The Roxy pad.

Opening her up with the leather

Boardsliding the rainbow. Photo Matt Robonson (Snowboarder Mag)

Me + Buaas ready to roll

1st day of training on the course with Buaas, blue bird couldn't be better!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 15.32.20

Making a Shaun White skit with John Roderick from Neu productions. It will make you laugh... hence the new Roxy leathers!

Red Bull signing at the Hub

Had a couple of wee signings at the Red Bull hub, so crazy, signing wee kid's faces!

Aspen furr styling

We did some shopping at Fendi, (or shall we say, try and dash) Dara Howell, John Roderick and myself. We thought the $600 pair of boots was expensive, think again, the coat I am wearing $84,000 without TAX! Insane. How the other half live. They can keep their fur coats....

Roxy shopping

Roxy took us for a wee shop in the Aspen store, getting rowdy in the changing room! thankyou very much Amber Stackhouse for our new bits.

Red Bull hub

Warming up in the Red Bull hub with Enni and Roppe on site, insane the set up they had there. Everything you could possibly need to warm up + all the extras physio, tv, internet, and a chef making smoothies and wraps. Awesome support up there thanks guys :)

Huge thanks to Roxy, Lesley Mckenna and Amber Stackhouse for a fun week in the crib and to Red Bull for all the support at the hub, Matt, Per, Oren, Runke and Christa!

Stay tuned for what's up next, it's going to be a whirlwind of planes, trains and the Russian Visa mission.



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