Into the Outback.

I am just back from a week in the American outback. I headed down there with John Roderick the master behind a camera, Jenny Jones, Celia Miller and we had the pleasure of being joined by the photo boss Zach Hooper. It was rad to be out of the park for a week, and out in the back country mixing it up.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the trip, make sure to tune back in, we filmed a TV show down there for Outside Television and I am also working on a series of webisodes with Roxy and Red Bull so stay tuned, excited :)

Day 1 kicker time

Day 1. Blue bird and the first beast getting built. Zach spakling the jump.


Day 3 a session went off on a natural feature till the Jones came down and created the Jennalanch, luckily I was standing right in her wake as the slab broke. Everyone A okay... first mini avalanche experience.

street crusing

Just a few kids playing in the streets :) we made an awesome little street course with hips and jib obstacles, not a car in sight.

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 15.50.22

Street session in town when the storm rolled in. Getting stale on a mini hip. (Photo Ben B)

backflip over the jones

Street session 2. Wee backie over the Jones.

The Jussi Jump

The Jussi Oksanen jump, really pumped to get some tricks on this bad boy.

The crew

The crew. Photo. Zach Hooper

I am now back in Breckenridge after a 6 hour mission back last night, I got caught in my first mini slide yesterday, scary business. I went up on a mission to get some more shots in the bag, first hit off the kicker and when I landed the slope released and came crashing down behind me, luckily I split off to the side and noone was caught in it. I think we got out of there at a good time with all the new snow falling down there it needs a reset.

Check back for more US Open business next week!