Mini Mission to the mountains with the Red Bulletin!

I am just back from a 3 day last minute mission to Austria. I found out on Monday we were going ahead with the shoot, so Wednesday morning I hopped on a flight over to London and then on over to Munich, to link up with Lozza - photographer and Ruth Morgan from the Red Bulletin mag. We headed up to the mountains a 2 hour drive up to Mayrhofen. We hit the jack pot on weather and snow, as it was a blue bird day and It had just snowed last week, so for Summer conditions it was epic, and the mountain was dead!! It was a great mini mission and so fun to ride again after having a month off, it was pretty much the ultimate tease so I am now raring to go for the next trip.

I just got on the Vine last month! So I had a mess around with this one in Austria --> Here are a few pics of what we got up to, not going to show you too much as that will give it all away ;) stay tuned though!

Good Digits.

Lucky digits came up on the room Key!

Dream team.

The Dream Team. Lozza + Ruth Morgan from the Bulletin.

Spinny whizzing

Getting my spin on for the day!

Getting corked

Corking one.

Getting the shot.

The team on the not so Sunny day. Getting the portrait shot in the bag!

From Summer to Winter over night

The weather up on the glacier is Wild, on the Thursday cruising in a tank top, Friday morning --> back to Winter.