Red Bull UK camp.

After a busy few days with the GB team in meetings and with the media. It was operation action with Red Bull UK, we had 3 days crammed with activities to help in our season preparation, we got on the trampoline, gym sessions, snow dome shred and indoor skydiving it went off!

A few flips from the trampoline session, we also had Red Bull UK parkour master Ryan Doyle on site to show us a few new things once air born, awesome to have him along to bring something slightly different to the session!

Aimee boardslide.

We got in the dome for a few hours of power shred, so fun to ride indoors as I don't get to do that to often living over in Northern Ireland, you can get so many laps in such a small amount of time.

Gym with Faye

In the gym with Faye Downey, Billy Morgan and I getting our butts kicked into shape.

Sly dive crew.

The gang ready for indoor skydiving.

Flying indoors

Flying! The guy wasn't to stoked when I tried to do a flip haha.

Now I am back home and getting ready for the next trip, the season is approaching fast, I head out to Europe next week, stay tuned in, I will update you next week!