100 Miles on the whip for C.A.L.M

I would just like to say a quick thanks to everyone who dropped in and sponsored me for my 100 mile cycle a couple of weeks back in memory of a great friend Nelson Pratt, it was for a charity that I feel very passionate about so it means a lot to me having the support from you all. I just tuned in to check the tally and between myself and Natalie Mayer coming onboard just before the event. We raised £859 for C.A.L.M on our Just Giving page. The weekend was a blast, despite the last 8 miles in the rain! It really was an epic day, and everything Nelson would have loved, sunshine, bikes, friends, lots of laughs, a great feed and some dancing at the end. I have to say it wasn't the easiest 100 miles I have ever done, having not cycled all summer, but I got in a 60 miler the weekend I got back from NZ so the 100 was for the taking! Amazing to see so many snowboarders on bikes of all sorts, tandems, fixed gear, it was a brilliant turn out and it really shows how special our industry is. "Ride on Nelly"

Here are a couple of photos :)

dream team.

The Dream team. We made it from Start to finish together. The Gadge, and Mr Rupo :)

the last 20 miles

The last 20 miles. Killer till the surprise "feed station"

the finish line.

At the 100 mile mark, dirty, sweaty and soaked, but smiling :)