Favourite food - Yoghurt!

Answering another one of your food questions. What's my favourite food?! Currently I am obsessed with yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, not "Greek Style" the real legit stuff. Total yoghurt.

So have been using Total. It's the bomb. For breaky on top of pancakes, on it's own with nuts and seeds or in my Chicken CURRY!

Here is my Chicken Korma made with Greek Yoghurt instead of cream. HEALTHY and Tastes fine.

Total Curry.

This is what you need.

Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Korma Paste.


KEY ingredient. TOTAL yoghurt, I use the full fat. Extra creamy.I stir this in close to the end as you would normally with the cream ;)

Chicken. Peppers + Spinach, here I put it on the side, but normally I bung it all in together.