Right now I am chilling in the BA lounge with a 5 hour wait with the gang, straight off the mountain and to the airporto. Having had a solid trip to Stubai. Just posted my first insta video! ha. Hope you enjoy it

The Brit gang.

So this was the "stubs" crew. Jenny Jones. Jamie Nicholls. MYSELF. + our one skiier friend Mr James Woods aka Woodsy.


Aimee + Cheryl Rail.

Hot rail laps with Cheryl Maas.


Not the kind of cords your Grandad wears ;)!

I have more hair.

This guy showed up on the 2nd day, Mr Shaun White, I win the fro contest in this one ;)

Hall way madness

Down days can get a little repetative. Need I say anymore. "coming through" Rowan Coultas paid us a visit, he did some dub 10's + we won the carting contest.

Spa club

Jamie Nicholls was the local boy at the spar, I think we both hit the spa 13 out of the 14 days, pretty good way to unwind after a days shred.

Kart action.

Another down day activity, can't say I was the winner at this, Woodsy and Cheryl smashed it!

Thanks to the gang for an epic trip! Shout out to Hamish + Sharples to. It's a wrap. Next stop for shred in 2 weeks, stay tuned :)