Dew Tour 7th Place.

On Wednesday I competed in my 2nd event of the season! The Dew Tour, Breckenrige Mountain, USA! Qualification went down and 8 out of the 25 girls competing went through to the finals, and I made the cut, really stoked, last season this was the event I gave my shoulder a good bash in so it was good to be back :) Cab Underflip in Qualis

Qualification run. Cab underflip nose. Photo - Zach Hooper.

Dew Tour ladies.

Some of the Dew Tour ladies. Kim Lamarre, ME! Silje Norendal, Stefi Luxton, Hana Beaman, Torah Bright, Kjersti Buaas.

Finals run. PHOTO - ZIMBO. Finals went off on Friday, and I had a good time! Out of breath after a run down the action packed course! 2 rails, 2 jumps, 2 rail features into the final 2 jumps! I can honestly say that is the most fun slope course I have been on :D

The bottom booter. On the bottom booter in finals - Photo Zach Hooper.

On the big screen. Ready to drop.

On the big screen, thanks everyone who tuned into watch and for all the supportive messages, means a lot :)

- Run 1 - on the jumps I went cab underflip, backflip, backflip to back 3, I lost speed on my underflip so had to improvise with my run and went with an extra backflip to keep my speed through the course to put my first run to my feet. - Run 2 - I went for the run I intended to in run 1, cab underflip, front 3, backflip to back 7 and just put my bottom down to scuff the landing!

I am trying to locate some footage so those of you who didn't see me live can watch my runs, Transworld Snow, have put up a little video and I have 2 shots at the start, so I vined the shots so you can see. Enjoy!

Vine footage from Transworld Snow.

Congrats to the ladies of the podium, Jamie Anderson, Enni Rukajarvi + Silje Norendal. Onto the next one, we have the Copper World cup this week. Stay tuned :)

Lip slide first feature

On the first feature - photo --> Chris Wellhausen