5th WORLD CUP Canada.

I am just on my way back from the final World Cup before the Olympics, Quebec City,  Canada. I went there expecting the worst conditions, and I was pleasantly surprised, there was ice, it did dump of  course during semis and finals, but we also did see some sunlight which really changed my views on the cold and snowy city and the course was sick, 3 perfect jumps with good air time and 3 legit rails so it was all to play for. I went there knowing I needed to get a good result to secure my Quota spot for the Olympics, knowing I needed approx a top 8 or better. I always am one to do things last minute and I really could not have left this any later! Definitely a learning curve for the next one! Good news is the Team is officially announced on the 22nd so hopefully all fingers crossed you will only have to wait a couple of  days to find out if I make the team ;)

I can honestly say I have never felt so much pressure, more from myself than anything! I had qualification on the Friday and I fell on my first run on a BACKFLIP of all things, my safety trick! So there was even more pressure for the 2nd run, knowing that If I didn’t land that, my “Olympic dreams as such” were done. With a good bit of singing and a bit of banter at the top with the rest of the girls, myself and Torah singing Spice Girls and dancing at the top of the course loosened the mood and I dropped in and stomped my run to quali through to the semi finals.

Last kicker world cup finals.

Semi Finals, there were a series of scenarios on where I needed to place, some people don’t like to know what they have got to do, but I wanted to know to put my mind at ease, it’s a completely different approach to any other contest I normally do, normally it’s all about me putting down my best run and going for it, but this really was about playing it safe and getting something solid to my feet. I dropped in, literally to the blizzard, 3rd to drop and probably put down the cleanest run of my life, I scored a 78 and that took me through to finals in 1st place. That automatically guaranteed me a top 6. So totally buzzing I dropped in for finals, I got one run to the feet, not as clean as the semis but I was just so pumped to finish in 5th place, secure my quota spot and make the Team GB criteria. BUZZING!Scotty + Nicholls

Thanks to the gang for all the support, the boys Ben and Dom, Hamish, Euan for Waxing my board like a champ! And all the girls on tour making it such a fun and memorable trip to Quebec. NOW I am on the plane having had half hours sleep last night and I am Xgames bound. Excited.

Ready to roll Russia

The girls ready to ROLL. Russian hats anyone?!!!