I am just fresh back from a 10 day camp in Aspen with Red Bull, it was pretty much the ultimate banger to end on. Red Bull created an epic set up perfect for progression! A massive thanks to them for having me out. I am pretty hyped to finally try a trick I have wanted to for ages so really happy to come out of the camp with that down.

Enjoy the mini edit here of my Cab Double 9.

Roxy Shop

In the Roxy store with my Ski Buddy Dara Howell.
Handplant in the Pipe!
The set up.
Here is the set up, unreal with a trampoline at the bottom, and our own park at Buttermilk.
hitching a lift with Katie Summerhayes
Katie Summerhayes, she's a legend, giving me a lift to the bottom!
Flying out of Aspen.
Flying out of Aspen is insane, you can see Buttermilk from the Runway. 20 minute flight to Denver before the long haul back to London, so happy I got upgraded on the way home, makes the 9.5 hour flight bliss! haha.