World Champs + Ski Sunday.

World Champs!

World Champs
Last week I spent out in Kriechburg Austria for the FIS World Champs. I ended up finishing 7th out of 35 in the Slopestyle Event. Practice was tough as the course was in really bad condition the first 2 days. Day 1 it had rained all day and we had the 2nd round of practice, that meant the course was super bumpy, riding into the jumps was no joke like a mogul field as the skiers had battered it in the first session, day 2 the course had frozen… solid with the bumps over night due to the saturation of the snow, so also really tough conditions, this time bumpy and icy.
In these events though, everyone is in the same boat and you have to just get your elbow stuck in and muscle through the conditions.
Qualification day came round and the course was looking good, still solid and icy, but no bumps in the in run. I landed my first run and it put me in 3rd over all in the quails. 2 girls from each heat went straight to finals, so I just missed out which meant I qualified into the next round… Semi-finals.
In the semi’s I landed my first run, I wasn’t happy with it, and going into run 2 I really wanted to focus on getting a clean run put down. Unfortunately I slipped out on the last jump which meant that was a throw away run for me. This put me 3rd in the semi-finals, again missing out on 1 place to make the finals. To be honest I was gutted, I had high hopes for making the finals! I guess it’s always good to aim high, this has just motivated me so much more for the next block of riding!
Me and Tim for Ski Sunday
Out at the World Champs I caught up with Tim Warwood for BBC Ski Sunday, this will be featuring today! On BBC 2 at 5.15pm.
Aimee + Jamie
In other news, myself and Jamie Nicholls headed over to the Vans Penken Park in Mayrhofen to ride, the park there is in such good condition so it was great to get some hot laps in there.
Back 7 Vans Park
I also caught up with my newest sponsor Caxton FX in London for the day quickly before heading back out to Switzerland for the Burton European Open, they have some really exciting plans in place for an all girls team :)
 I have to say LAAX is one of my most favourite resorts so I am really looking forward to getting some laps in with the crew! Stay tuned for some updates from LAAX and the European Open.