Nutrition on the Mountain. FOR Snowboarders.

Day in the Life of What I eat when I am out riding on the mountain or training in the gym.


Breakfast is key in my opinion and my favourite part of the day, often I will ride the majority of the session without stopping for 4 hours. Same goes when I am back in the UK training. Fuelling in the morning would include some form of carbs,  My go to breakfast if I have time is Gluten Free Waffles, a healthy treat before training. My favourite are from The Good Life Eatery in London. Topped with some fresh fruit, and either Greek yoghurt for protein or Coconut yoghurt.

Good Life Eatery WAFFLES.

Good Life Eatery WAFFLES.

WHEN I am on the mountain pre contest, porridge with Almond Milk, throw some fruit on top, berries, half a banana and a hand full of nuts or a dollop of nut butter for protein. I stay away from the syrup and sweeten it with all kinds of fruit. When your short for time you cannot beat a porridge pot, my favourite are the Rude Health ones.

On lighter training day’s when I am not on snow, I start my days with 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites, mixed with any veg I can find, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes are a go to! With half an Avocado to top it off! 

When I am travelling I tend to avoid eggs unless they are poached or boiled, in some foreign countries particularly in the US the eggs are powdered so I avoid that. 

Mid Morning Snack - When I am on hill it's key to stay fuelled, a tube of Wyldsson nuts or a Pink Lady Apple. Bananas are also a good one, they are cheap and you can get them anywhere.

Lunch - If I have had a long day on the mountain, I would go for a bigger lunch then dinner to refuel before the next session. I normally ride till early afternoon then hit the gym, so a solid lunch in between is key for me. 

Sweet Potato, With Tuna and some veggies, it’s an easy and quick go to when you don’t have a lot of time, Tuna you can get anywhere and it’s safe in terms of you can’t really go wrong with it! Pop a tin and you are off.

Afternoon snack - either a handful of nuts, carrot / pepper / cucumber sticks with Hummus or a nut butter sachet from Pip + Nut, orrrrrrr the favourite Greek Yoghurt with Berries.

Dinner - My favourite would be some form of Veggie stir fry with some lean meat, either Chicken, Turkey or Fish. Using either Soy / Pesto for the sauce. I cook in Coconut Oil my favourite is LucyBee! 

My favourite go to at the minute is a version of Chicken Tikka, using Greek yoghurt as the base of the sauce, I love to load it up with a ton of veggies, fresh tomatoes, onions and spinach on a bed of Cauliflower rice. If you have a big session the next day, I'd carb up either with Brown Rice for the Curry or............ Sweet Potato Nachos is a good one, I make a healthier version using sliced Sweet Potato, BBQ spiced chicken, a ton of veggies, peppers, onion and layer it up with black beans and top it with Feta! 

Healthier take on Nachos. My Sweet Potato ones.

Healthier take on Nachos. My Sweet Potato ones.

AND THEN off course... a treat is always key after a hard week on the slopes! I'll leave it up to you on the treat front haha ;)