At the end of the season, I linked up with 5 other Olympics athletes to take part in a new TV series for Sky Sports. I had an absolute blast getting to know and meet the other athletes and put ourselves through some extreme scenarios! 

The series is now LIVE. WE ARE 3 EPISODES IN, out of 6 and it's aired every Tuesday at 7pm on Sky Sports Mix.

THE NITTY GRITTY "Six young British Olympians face bizarre obstacles featuring heights, confined spaces, ice-cold water, darkness, even electric shocks in miles of mud as they take on Tough Mudder courses in the UK and USA" Each course more demanding than the last. All champions in their own sports, boxer Anthony Fowler, Taekwondo double gold Olympian Jade Jones, snowboarder Aimee Fuller, track and field star Perri Shakes-Drayton, track cyclist Jess Varnish and Judoka Ashley McKenzie must merge as a team and train together to tackle a sport outside of all their comfort zones. Asking them to confront fears, help one another, embrace the mud and face their final gruelling challenge: Europe's first Toughest Mudder race - as many miles as they can of a course laden with obstacles, for eight hours through the night, all to raise money for their nominated charities." FOR MORE INFO on Sky Sports -->

In addition to the LIVE TV, I also worked on a mini series with Jeep UK, called the AIMEE DIARIES! I take you here behind the scenes in my Renegade before each episode and give you a sneak peak with the other athletes on what to expect on the show! 

The series will run over six episodes as we watch the Olympians travel around the world, learning about unique training methods while trying bespoke assault courses ahead of their 8 hour adventure. The six episode titles are:
- It Takes a Team
- 5 Miles in the Desert
- Making of an Olympian
- 10 Miles of Mud
- Get Ready
- 8 hours through the Night

Check them out below. Hope you enjoy the watch! and let me know what you think of the show. MISSION MUDDER.