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Awesome Awesome time’s in Canada!

10 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in Coverage, Photo shoots, Roxy, Trips


Just on the way back from the most amazing trip! I was out in Canada on a Roxy photoshoot with Torah, Kjersti and Erin. Erin was actually the one who hooked me up with Roxy 3.5 years ago, so really cool to be on a trip with her!

first day.

Taking some Holiday snaps!

We started off our trip in Revelstoke, we had 2 days riding in Revelstoke, we did some hiking, found some cliffs, ghost trees and different jumps and lines through the trees.

Buass with the Backflip

On the last day in Revelstoke on the way down, we made this lil step up. Kjersti has a mental block with backflips. We had a super fun session, she ended up with a misty flip rather than a backflip, so that mental block still remains, the misty flip was sick though! I had fun practicing some rodeo’s and did a few backflips too.

tail grab

Jasmin and the Buass, ready for some podcast action!

Lesley aka the big boss

Lesley showed us all how to drop the big cliffs. Total legend.

Matty's executive pancake

Matt didn’t opt for the Canadian Maple syrup look. Keeping it French.

powder town

Revel”STOKED” ha cheezy much. But it’s true haha

Canadian style

The most exciting part of our trip was our Cat Boarding adventure, we drove over to Retallack on Thursday for 3 days of Cat boarding.  1 Hour into our journey over the highway ended and we drove straight onto a ferry which took us across a frozen lake, with the snow falling and it being pitch black it was a real mystical sensation


ferry to New Denver

Me, Jas and Gendle onboard.

We arrived in Retallack to find ourselves staying at this awesome place, “the domes”

The domes

We stayed in New Denver 20 mins from Retallack, a “TOWN” with nothing but a gas station!

New Denver. A town with nothing but a gas station!

Each day we headed up super early to Retallack a 20 minute drive from our pad in New Denver, to a full on Canadian Breakfast, Pancakes, Bacon, you name it they had it.

Cat boarding was super cool, with the guides taking us up to some of the best spots on the mountain, with so much snow there was endless possibilities, different lines, cliff drops and pillows.

Buass and Fuller

Amped for a lil cat board.

In the cat

In the cat. Helmet friends!

pow time

View from the back of the Cat, ready to drop!

The drivers

These are the Cat drivers, Evan in the suit, and the dude with the beard. Total legend.


The last day went off and under the direction of Ms Comstock we built this pretty sizey kicker! We had a really fun session on that and got some decent shots!

The girls.

Headed to London today. Bumed to be going home. Such an epic trip, thanks to Roxy, Johnny our guide at Revelstoke and the awesome crew at Retallack.





10 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in Coverage, Photo shoots, Roxy, Trips

Having an awesome time here in Revelstoke, it’s a really cool town, 2 hours away from Civilisation. It’s my first powder trip so a steep learning curve, lots of ragdoll front flips, but I am getting it! Today it is dumping outside so we are filming some podcast stuff, and then tonight we are heading to Retallack for some cat skiing.

Driving up the mountain

Headed up the Mountain in the morning

PlaceHolders - Revelstoke

Hiking. Not tired at all…. Buass and Me

PlaceHolders - Canada

Beautiful view of the lake

up the top!

Made it to the top! 

Ghost treesos

Ghost trees

ready to drop

Bright ready to drop

It is actually cool to wear a helmet

I learned today from the girls, that if you wear a helmet when you hike, your head can explode.

It's actually cool to wear a helmet

I tried to take it off. They wouldn’t let me…

Will let you guys know how the Cat Skiing is!



Revelstoke, BC

10 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in Photo shoots, Roxy, Trips

I Arrived in Revelstoke, BC, last night, I am here in Canada for a week on a Roxy shoot,

A 9 hour flight from London with Jasmin and Gendle, a 5 hour drive from Calgary through the Canadian countryside. We stopped off at 11.30pm, pitch black and freezing cold, to check out Lake Louise, the most beautiful spot and then we continued on and arrived here at 2.30,

I left Belfast at 6 am yesterday morning, and I arrived here at 9am UK time, 27 hours of travelling, so INSANE!

Staying in a really nice house in revelstoke, the rest of the girls arrive tonight, this is the view from our lounge this morning.

Today was super mellow, starting off the North American way with a big breaky in the local town, we then headed up to check out the mountain,

Gendle, me and Jasmin doing some serious piste bashing, first day in BC.

Sista Sessions

10 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in Competions, Photo shoots

So I have been in Mayrhofen the past week,

I stayed with Basa up in the Vans house, thankyou Vans for putting us up.

We had some amazing weather the first 2 days, like spring, super warm and slushy conditions, the BEST!

The first few days we did some photo shoots

Me, Silje, Tini, Julia, Conny, Urska, Lisa, Diana and Conny. We are just a few of the girls who will be filming with Lipstick productions throughout the year.

Here is another shot of me in the Park during one of the shoots.

I managed to tweak my shoulder on Thursday nothing too serious, just need a few days off to rest. So I didn’t enter the contest, I filmed some so I will make and edit of all the girls riding.

Silje Norendal killed it yesterday in the contest, She finished in 1st place, and Tini Gruber another good friend rode really well and finished up in the 2nd. Yesss girls!!

I am off to London tomorrow, will keep you posted on what we get up to there.


bye LAAX. Hello Austria.

08 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in Photo shoots, Trips

I am now here in Mayrhofen, Austria staying at the Vans house, a really nice pad, thanks for having me. I drover over yesterday with lil shred dude Rowan Coultas and Mr Nicholls.

I am here with the Slovakian, Basa and Silje is in town to. It’s nice to have a few days to ride in the park and learn some new things.

Sista sessions is on at the end of the week it should be a fun contest, a 3* all girls event.


here are some pictures from the BEO!

It doesn’t get much better…

Silje Norendal. me. Jordie Karlinski
Taking some laps with Jamie Nicholls and Ben Kilner
hanging at slope finals with Chanelle from da One Life crew!
Silje . Yiip!
Shades on!