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5 MORE Minutes premier IBK!

22 Oct 2011 / 0 Comments / in Filming, Uncategorized

So. First of all, first post on the new blog! whooo

other than that,

Last night It went off, I headed to Innsbruck with Tini Gruber, Zillertal local and big jump slayer, Urska Prisbovic and Tom West for the Lipstick Premier! After a year of hard work, lots of fun, an epic crew and filming last season….. It was time….

It went off, here are a few photos from the night!

Conny B aka Big Muma, ran the show and set this whole thing up, she was on fine form last night, the women behind Lipstick, right here.

Sophie Morawetz edited the whole movie. So a massive shout out to her, she for sure deserved that Jack Daniels and Coke!

Some of the Lipstick” boiz” Joe Tyler and Tom West, both hanging out backstage, and were first inline for the Lipstick.

David Van Gessel wasn’t far behind. Looking gorgeous boys!

Roxy team mate and epic skiier was in the house, Lena Stoffel, just back from her month Surf trip! stoked to see her in town!

Count down! Me being the only brit at the premier, even though we were in Austria, I ended up having a blabel on the mic and getting the crowd amped up for the movie!

Basa couldn’t make it over to the premier! She had a banging part from Finland.

The Weekender club

Roxy possy. Aline Bock aka bockatron and Lena.

Filzmoser and Rhumia

Diana and Urska representing for Eastern Europe.

Always…that the Eastern Euros can drink the rest of the world under the table… last women standing.

Super amped on how the whole movie turned out! I ended up getting 1st section, didn’t know till last night, so am amped on that. Closing part Tania Detomas, was banging, I won’t give too much away, you will have to just wait till it’s out to go watch the movie ;)!

Next week the Premier is in London. Stay tuned!




21 Jun 2011 / in Film projects

HERE IT IS !! THE teaser for the Lipstick productions MOVIE, 5 more MINUTES!!

More Snowboarding Videos


30 May 2011 / in Roxy, Videos

If you haven’t yet seen these edits. Watch them!!!

Here is my Day in the life, filmed by James Haggerty and Sean Miller.

This is edit is from a few laps from a day and a half of footage riding in Breckenrdige, Colorado. check it out!!!!

Aimee Fuller riding Breckenridge Colorado. from AIMEE FULLER on Vimeo.

This edit is from behind the scenes at the Chalet Girl Premier in London!! The first and probably only Premier I will get to go to.

This is just classic. Watch it. Ty Walker, Basa Stevulova, Jenny Jones and myself with the one and only Jammy Pack!!

And this was alot of fun when Mammoth was shut!

Hope you enjoyed these!!!

Epic 4 days at Ms Superpark. Keystone.

02 Apr 2011 / in Photo shoots, Random, UK Snowboarding

Ms Superpark is a Wrap!

It has been a really fun week here in Keystone Colorado with the crew for Snowboarder Mag’s, Ms Superpark. The set up was awesome, we had 2 days of awesome weather and 2 days of not so awesome weather. Today the sun was out and it was perfecto!

Practicing something new on the triple line.

Sun burn in La, meant Zinc was on for the week!


Stoked after a session on the massive butter box!

We got these sexy jammy packs at the Roxy Chicken Jam, Robin Van Gyn rocked it on the slope, quite the hit!

On Sunday I am headed with Ms Jones to Jamie Anderson’s session in Tahoe, so check back to see what goes down there.

MINI HUCK SESSION in the most snow I have ever seen!

25 Mar 2011 / in Competions, Roxy, Videos

So we woke up this morning to a ton of snow. I have never seen so much snow in my life, houses near buried! Mammoth was shut this morning due to so much wind so a crew of us headed out to make the most of the snow and found a little kicker spot above the road. Super fun session went off, tried some new tricks and did some old ones! Everyone so stoked at the end of the session all having tried something new! whooo