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1st place @ the O’Neill Pleasure Jam

11 Nov 2012 / 1 Comment / in Competions

Just finished up at the O’Neill Pleasure Jam 2012, first TTR contest of the season and it went off despite the crazy conditions!

(Pic) Lauren MacCallum

The wind just rolled in come the time of the finals… but they pushed on through. I couldn’t be more pumped to have stomped my run, and to start out the season with this. Here are a few pic’s from the trip.

I drove over to Dachstein from the Zillertal Valley with Cheryl Maas in the BEAST. Tunes blasting, we only had 3 different mapping systems on the works… and got lost 3 x! haha

Cab Underflip to set things up on the first jump into back 3, nose slide the rainbow, and back flip out of the wall ride.. Photo – Roland Haschka

The British crew, hanging with my boiz! representing hard, the young gun… watch this guy, Mr Rowan Coultas made it into his first ever finals and slayed it.

Mr Nicholls took the 3rd spot for the men,

Early start up on the Dachstein Photo – Roland Haschka

crazy conditions rolling in for the finals Photo – Roland Haschka

Huge congrats to the other ladies, here they are….
1. Aimee Fuller (GBR)

2. Isabel Derungs (CH)

3. Urska Pribosic (SLO)

photo – Roland Haschka

signing the O’Neill bean bag

The girls. Cilka Sadar, Cheryl Maas.

Love this, from my “biggest fan” thanks Arch! xx
This is what we got up to on one of the more windy day’s… please note this is just a laugh!!!

Flying over London this am. Fresh.

Full report and pictures up on the Pleasure Jam site here.

Big thanks to the event organizers, Coach Dave ;) “Nik Coultas” and everyone for a rad few days on the Dachstein.

And a big congrats to Billy Morgan over in Belgium who took 7th in the World Cup big air!


Extreme games. X GAMES, Tignes!

20 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Competions, Roxy

So last week I road tripped over from Mayrhofen through the night to Tignes, France. A mellow 10 hour drive, no biggie! We had a pretty sweet set up in the Van bean bags in the back so myself and Jamie Nicholls pretty much slept the whole way, gutted that we aren’t old enough to drive the team van ha ;)!

right so i’ll stop with the waffle straight to the business…..

Roxy made this pretty sick banner, on the home page of the site!

and this little edit! Thanks for the support =)

My family was out all week, was great to have them over……My bro was pretty happy to meet this guy… the flying tomato!

The girls! Spencer O’Brien, Cheryl Maas, Me, Jamie Anderson

Signing went down in the Quiksilver tent, this dude was hanging out!

photo’s Kjersti Buaas.

I competed in Slopestyle on Friday, I was really happy I got to ride after dealing with injuries all week, shin splints, bruised heels and bruised ribs! a big thanks to Rob Maden and Jan the Nike physio for working the magic, I missed out on a couple of the practices and also bruised both my heels! I dropped into my 3 final runs not being able to walk… literally, amped up on adrenaline and pain-killers I managed to ride, I didn’t get down a clean run, but I had a blast and put down my back 7,  so happy enough! I didn’t ride to my full potential but that just gives me more motivation, to get back at it, and ride harder next year! Bring it!

The X games Jumboooo tron! I am from Keston… correct. IRL not.

Cab underflip nose during finals. Photo Sam Mellish


Burton European Open

02 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Competions

So I cruised out to Mayrhofen last week and spent a few days there cruising and getting back on my board!

I headed over to the BEO in the GB van with India Stephenson and Pilot Mr Billy Morgan.

The BEO was an epic time,

cruising summer style. No hat… no gloves… (p) Susie Floros

the course was perfect, besides a few issues with speed however, I could deal with that as the weather was just perfect, it felt like full on summer up the mountain.

The girls, loving LAAX. Silvia Mittermuller , KJ, Me, Lisa Wiik, + Possum Torr

The new best way to warm up for a slopestyle contest. Race each other down the boarder X track!

Really fun practice session with the GB boiz, Jamie Nicholls + Ben Kilner

So…….Semi’s went down on Wednesday, my first run I fell on my backside rodeo, and my 2nd run I put down a clean run,  backflip, straight air, back 3 into back rodeo…… however it wasn’t quite enough to put me through to finals. That run put me in the 7th spot and the final 2 riders dropped, Silje Norendal and Sina Candrian and put there runs down which bumped me into 9th place. The standard with insane, I was really bummed not to be riding in the finals, but it has just given me more motivation to step up my safety run, so bring on the next contest!

Here is my 2nd run for you to view here :)

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After I got bumped from the finals I joined Henry Jackson and T-Bird in the live stream box, for the webcast on Redbull TV! first time in there and it was super fun! Commentating the mens semi finals and girls Slope finals yesterday!

I took this shot in yesterday’s Slope finals practice, KJ. Front 7, steeze.

The Home run, end of the day, SUN + Slush with Possum Torr

Thanks to Burton for such an awesome event, they really treat the riders well, putting us up in such nice accommodation and providing us food tokens all week!

and to my TM Lesley Mckenna, for the magic powder wax! She knows her stuff, I went from knuckling all the jumps to being able to make the sweet spot, so big shout out to the boss for being on hand all week :)

and Thanks LAAX for the epic time, now it’s onto Leysin with Ham and the GB crew!


Life on the road!

17 Feb 2012 / 0 Comments / in Trips

After a crazy month on the road, Breckenridge, Aspen, Gerlos for our team shoot, Saalbach and then Oslo. I packed up my bags for home! So good to be in my own bed for the weekend. Resting and recovering after a pretty heavy slam last week. Ready for business next week, off to Mayrhofen and then onto the Burton European Open.

Here are a few random pictures from my travels…

Denver airport.

Arriving in Oslo at 1am Lisa + Nugg

My first time on a T-shirt haha, thanks Roxy!

Early morning press confrence! Ulrik + Kjersti

Capture d’écran 2012-02-15 à 01.04.12

Me + Lisa

planes busy, planes empty, that’s what we like…

Norway is beautiful and so are all of the people living there

X GAMES… behind the scenes.

29 Jan 2012 / 0 Comments / in Competions, Random, Uncategorized

SO last Monday I road tripped over to Aspen with Cheryl Maas and Silje Norendal. I went over to the X games as an alternate and I had a blast taking in the experience and supporting the crew,

But before I begin with the photos, the most moving moment of the X games 2012 for me was the ceremony for Sarah Burke, I was honored to take part in the remembrance service in the half pipe, and consider myself to have been very lucky to have known Sarah, she will live on forever in our hearts. We love you Burkey xxx

and the Sarah Burke photo tribute. Me + Buaas at 29s.

here are some pics from the week, Enjoy!

The road to Aspen,  where the beer flows like wine


The legend that is Erin Comstock.

X with Massy!

The men’s big air jump. HUAAAGE.

Silje, me, Erin, Possum, Charlotte, Spencer

Roope  + Staale

Golden girl, the women of the moment, Jamie Anderson stole the show with a run scoring 95.33, leading the way of progression for female snowboarding.

These 3 clowns came over from Breckenridge for the day! Mini man to look out for Rowan Coultas, Billy Morgan, and Mr Nicholls.

Messing about on the big screen.

Possum + Silje first US X games for them both.

Up top with Ms Anderson before she puts down the best run I’ve ever seen in Women’s slope.

Vans European team homie Charlotte Van Gils! about to get Extreme…

Putting the X on extreme

Spenny OB. Showing her steeze at drop in!

Just cruising at the Roxy pad with a bit of bling. Kjersti’s X games medal no biggie!

Kjersti got 3rd so stoked for her! She has such steeze in the process of putting together an X games edit, so check back to see BUAAS in action..

The girls podium…

Off back to Europe tomorrow for a Roxy shoot. It’s going to be a fun time, so stay tuned!