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Burton European Open

02 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Competions

So I cruised out to Mayrhofen last week and spent a few days there cruising and getting back on my board!

I headed over to the BEO in the GB van with India Stephenson and Pilot Mr Billy Morgan.

The BEO was an epic time,

cruising summer style. No hat… no gloves… (p) Susie Floros

the course was perfect, besides a few issues with speed however, I could deal with that as the weather was just perfect, it felt like full on summer up the mountain.

The girls, loving LAAX. Silvia Mittermuller , KJ, Me, Lisa Wiik, + Possum Torr

The new best way to warm up for a slopestyle contest. Race each other down the boarder X track!

Really fun practice session with the GB boiz, Jamie Nicholls + Ben Kilner

So…….Semi’s went down on Wednesday, my first run I fell on my backside rodeo, and my 2nd run I put down a clean run,  backflip, straight air, back 3 into back rodeo…… however it wasn’t quite enough to put me through to finals. That run put me in the 7th spot and the final 2 riders dropped, Silje Norendal and Sina Candrian and put there runs down which bumped me into 9th place. The standard with insane, I was really bummed not to be riding in the finals, but it has just given me more motivation to step up my safety run, so bring on the next contest!

Here is my 2nd run for you to view here :)

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After I got bumped from the finals I joined Henry Jackson and T-Bird in the live stream box, for the webcast on Redbull TV! first time in there and it was super fun! Commentating the mens semi finals and girls Slope finals yesterday!

I took this shot in yesterday’s Slope finals practice, KJ. Front 7, steeze.

The Home run, end of the day, SUN + Slush with Possum Torr

Thanks to Burton for such an awesome event, they really treat the riders well, putting us up in such nice accommodation and providing us food tokens all week!

and to my TM Lesley Mckenna, for the magic powder wax! She knows her stuff, I went from knuckling all the jumps to being able to make the sweet spot, so big shout out to the boss for being on hand all week :)

and Thanks LAAX for the epic time, now it’s onto Leysin with Ham and the GB crew!


More pics from the Roxy pro!

12 Feb 2012 / 0 Comments / in Competions

The generation gap. 5 years between all of us :D

Kjersti – 30, Torah – 25, ME – 20, Katie 15

Back rodeo into finals

My partner in crime. Cheryl Mass

and Lisa Wiik, so good to see her back on snow and ripping after being out for almost a whole year, she’s back and on it!


Roxy shoot day 1

02 Feb 2012 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

So I arrived in Gerlos after a 31 hour journey from Aspen. As soon as we landed, Nele the German Roxy boss took us to the Roxy store in Munich for a lil shopping!


Munich city center


Lisa Wiik getting her shop on in the Roxy store in Munich


yesterday we got up to ride this bad boy and had such a sick session with the whole team!

We are staying in a rad chalet out here, with a physio and chef! Euan is the man, and fed all of us lot last night!

Also the physio Alison is a miracle worker, I bruised my heel 5 weeks ago and I rode properly for the first time on big jumps

yesterday! straight in after the jump session acupuncture!

filming some podcast action this morning with Buaas…

off out here check back for some more pics!

London Freeze 2011

01 Nov 2011 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

London Freeze is alway’s……

An epic time. Good music, tons of epic people, and snowboarding. What more do you want in one weekend….

Here are just a few pictures from what went down!

Working hard in the Roxy/Quik office, pretty much running the show. JK, these 2 Hannah Bailey and Michelle Noschese do!

Lisa Wiik was in town for the day, serious shopping and a lil party at the Freeze! This is our pitstop after we had raided the Roxy store on Regent St!

Me and Wiiky got pretty excited when we saw Freddie on the outside of the office.

Shopping is actually exercise… in total, this would equal the weight of carrying a sand bag through the gym floor. So if you like shopping, keep working it!

This is the view from our apartment, super pimp! you can see the jump and the powerstation. Thankyou soo much to Roxy for putting us up for the weekend!

These two bo££es out of the office.


Wiik. Jones. Fuller

What you really want to hear about though is the world cup…

3 brits. Sam Turnbull , Ben Kilner and Jamie Nicholls!

But it was these 2 that stole the show, Jamie Nicholls and Ben Kilner. 4th and 11th place.

Jamie landed a sweet 4th place with a cab 10 and a back 10 double, and Ben killed it in Qualis to make the Finals with his newly learnt trick back 10 dub. Killing it!

Ps Photo stolen from Oakley Europe! Thank’s guys!!

Roxy crew.

Michelle, Lisa, me, Lesley

It was rad to hang around with Wiiky for the day. Count down right now till she is back on top form and slaying it in the comps!

The Lipstick premier also went down on the Saturday. 2 showing’s! both crammed to the door! and lots of positive feedback. Roxy and Nikita put the whole thing together, with Ivy Taylor and Gemma Marshall in the house representing for Nikita, and myself, Roxy skater Lois Pendlebury and Lisa Wiik in the house for the Roxy side of things!

Cooler mag, checked in to watch the movie, and has written an article about the whole premier! Thankyou for the nice words :)  check it.

That’s a wrap from London!

stay tuned…


5 More Minutes in London

26 Oct 2011 / 0 Comments / in Videos

So INNSBRUCK went down last week! Now some of us are making our way over to London for the premier of 5 more Minutes at the LONDON Freeze Festival. Happening this Friday and Saturday at 3pm. Come check in and watch the movie and say hello!