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EUROTIC (lipstick productions) teaser out now!

21 Jun 2012 / 0 Comments / in Photo shoots, Random

Alright guys, check this out…..

the new teaser EUROTIC from Lipstick productions. All the girls killing it, can’t wait to see the full movie! I filmed a week this year so should be having a lil section in the friends part :)

New Roxy podcast Chamonix.

10 Jan 2012 / 0 Comments / in Videos

Check out this podcast from our trip to Chamonix. It was a blast.

My 2nd pow trip last season, still hadn’t quite got the art of the slash down… but I got it now haha

With Basa Stevulova, Margot Rozies and Aline Bock! and the Ski legend Lena Stoffel.

Good times.

and a few pics from the Whitelines article in Chamonix. Photos (Matt Georges)


22 Nov 2011 / 0 Comments / in Film projects

So here it is! The Lipstick Movie 5 more Minutes is OUT!

My Intro!

Pow slash!

Now sit back, full screen on! and watch the movie! I have the opener so for the 2 weeks I spent shooting my first time in the back country I am happy enough! So amped to get some more trips in this season now I have had a little experience it’s game time!!!

Shout out to Conny and Sophie for putting the whole thing together! Good times :)


30 May 2011 / in Roxy, Videos

If you haven’t yet seen these edits. Watch them!!!

Here is my Day in the life, filmed by James Haggerty and Sean Miller.

This is edit is from a few laps from a day and a half of footage riding in Breckenrdige, Colorado. check it out!!!!

Aimee Fuller riding Breckenridge Colorado. from AIMEE FULLER on Vimeo.

This edit is from behind the scenes at the Chalet Girl Premier in London!! The first and probably only Premier I will get to go to.

This is just classic. Watch it. Ty Walker, Basa Stevulova, Jenny Jones and myself with the one and only Jammy Pack!!

And this was alot of fun when Mammoth was shut!

Hope you enjoyed these!!!

Behind the scenes at the Chalet Girl Premier

25 May 2011 / in Chalet girl, Sponsors

Back in February I was in London with Margot Rozies, Aline bock, Lesley Mckenna and the rest of the Roxy crew for the Chalet Girl premier, check out what went down behind the scenes!! It was a fun night, the After party went off!!