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Pleasure Jam. 3rd PLACE :)

Thursday night I booted it over to Schladming, Austria with Hamish Mcknight, GB coach to link up with the boys, and ride Pleasure Jam up on the Dachstein on Friday! It turned out a pretty good mission!

An hour on the course before it kicked off, it flowed good, and we hit the jack pot with the weather, I put down my first run consisting of a gap to 5050 front 1 out into Cab underflip, back 3, backie and boardslide over the rainbow, second run didn’t quite get it to my feet.

Podium shot

Pic – Lukas Pilz.

Really amped to get things going in the first contest of season with a spot on the podium, alongside Isabel Derungs  and Anna Gasser. Girls killed it!

Back 3

Pic Lukas Pilz – Warming things up!

Rope bridge. big medal!
On top of the world literally, the crazy suspension bridge turns the legs to jelly! Small medal ;)

INSANE views from the bridge.

Insane sunset on the way down the gondola.

girl rock band!

Girl RoCkBand! with Anna + IsA!

Big shout out to Rowan Coultas and Nate Kern for smashing it through to the semi finals, Brit boys representing!

Check out the full report here on the Pleasure Jam site and a lil update from Whitelines.

AND if you haven’t yet seen EPISODE 1 of FULL ON, make sure you check it NOW before numero 2 drops this week ;).

Episode 1. FULL ON

MAMMOTH Mtn living.

05 May 2012 / 0 Comments / in Random

Hey so some of you may wonder why I appear to be cruising around Cali and not snowboarding…

Well right now I am in Mammoth, I came out here with the intentions of riding, but the bruised heel from X Games has continued to give me some grief, so I decided to stay out here, enjoy the mountains, rest up the foot and do a little fitness!

In the gym in Mammoth we have had the honor of meeting fellow brit Mara Yamauchi! She is over here altitude training in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics. So cool to meet her and hear some of her stories, super inspiring! Can’t wait to watch her compete on the 5th of August in London! Check out her blog here ….

Here are a few pics from what’s been going down!

Hanging on set of Kimmy Fascani’s shoot. Spenny bought out the sled neck in me! One day I will own one of these bad boys, so sick!

Gabi, Kimmy, Speno, ME, Enni aka team Finland in the house!

As Mammoth mountain is geologically active there are tons of hot springs !it’s crazy to go and sit in an all natural volcanic tub! sessions have become frequent out here! Pretty much going down every other day!

The scenic view… down by the springs,

Nate + Woodsy are out here camping so we headed to there’s one night for a …. Hobo dinner, pretty much one of the tastiest things on the market. I highly recommend it, thanks LADS!

RV style, tucking in!

Marshmallows going off! Ben, me, Woodsy, Nate

Kilner on his voyage

and in-case any of you were concerned, the club 300 that myself and Jones purchased got put to good use!

For now that’s a rap! check back for more photos from the last few days of the trip! and hopefully i’ll be going snowboarding soon.



TUX + Roxy Chicken Jam.

19 Oct 2011 / in Competions, Trips


THE ROXY CJ is back. This time now as the Roxy Snow Pro! It’s a 5* TTR comp in Austria.

Stoked, to be on the poster! never thought 4 year’s ago at the first contest I entered I would be featured in the poster! honored.

Had a sick day riding yesterday in Tux, headed up to shoot with Dan Wakeham and Nick Atkins, here are a few pic’s / screen shots from what went down!

this is the crew in Ackers pimp Van, the back is pretty much a massive bed, the steeziest way to get up the hill!

Nate Kern, Scott Penman, Myself and James Woods aka Woodsy!

got working on some new tricks on the proline. Made the most of the 2 epic days of sun as now we are back to the not so good weather. High winds and flat light.

Me mid air and Dan Wakeham filming on the midi jumps!

a few screen shots!

bs rodeo!

Down day here in Mayrhofen today. White out and high wind’s up the mountain! Lovely!

Went for a mellow run today, this is the Zillertal valley, where I have been spending the past 3 week’s, it’s the spot!

I have been staying with this lil shredder Rowan Coultas, he got his first check out in a mag and it was Method. Talk about way to drop the bomb, straight into the Euro Mag’s!

New website dropping very soon!

Stay tuned.



30 May 2011 / in Roxy, Videos

If you haven’t yet seen these edits. Watch them!!!

Here is my Day in the life, filmed by James Haggerty and Sean Miller.

This is edit is from a few laps from a day and a half of footage riding in Breckenrdige, Colorado. check it out!!!!

Aimee Fuller riding Breckenridge Colorado. from AIMEE FULLER on Vimeo.

This edit is from behind the scenes at the Chalet Girl Premier in London!! The first and probably only Premier I will get to go to.

This is just classic. Watch it. Ty Walker, Basa Stevulova, Jenny Jones and myself with the one and only Jammy Pack!!

And this was alot of fun when Mammoth was shut!

Hope you enjoyed these!!!


20 Apr 2011 / in Uncategorized

I have spent the past 10 days in Breckenridge Colorado. Have had a blast here, got 3 killer days of riding in and the other 7 days have been not so good. It’s crazy the amount of snow, rain, wind and hail we have had. However we made the best of it, went up everyday but one, and have had an epic time….

I have put this lil edit together, Tanya was kind enough to come up and film me one of the sunny days and Mr Nate Kern took a few runs with me today in the snowstorm. So I have a few clips here, mixture of jumps, lots of Frontflips and a fair bit of jibbing, it’s not my forte but I gave it a go!! Check it!!!


Our morning bus stop.

Started out this morning at Day Light Donuts. After 10 days of riding we decide to treat ourselves to an American style breaky… You know what they say… a good breakfast kick starts your day!

Silje Norendal.


Helene Olafsen took the Cinamon “brick” bun down…

Ready for it.

Had fun up the mountain today, intense snow storms for APRIL!

It was sooo slow up the hill today, couldn’t ride any jumps! This is on the home run, Silje Norendal was lagging behind, she obviously didn’t eat enough pancakes for breakfast.

Now I am really excited as I am heading out of Colorado early tomorrow morning to Squaw valley for the Red Bull progression camp.