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Dew Tour 7th Place.

15 Dec 2013 / 0 Comments / in Competions, Uncategorized

On Wednesday I competed in my 2nd event of the season! The Dew Tour, Breckenrige Mountain, USA! Qualification went down and 8 out of the 25 girls competing went through to the finals, and I made the cut, really stoked, last season this was the event I gave my shoulder a good bash in so it was good to be back :)

Cab Underflip in Qualis

Qualification run. Cab underflip nose. Photo – Zach Hooper.

Dew Tour ladies.

Some of the Dew Tour ladies. Kim Lamarre, ME! Silje Norendal, Stefi Luxton, Hana Beaman, Torah Bright, Kjersti Buaas.

Finals run. PHOTO - ZIMBO.
Finals went off on Friday, and I had a good time! Out of breath after a run down the action packed course! 2 rails, 2 jumps, 2 rail features into the final 2 jumps! I can honestly say that is the most fun slope course I have been on :D

The bottom booter.
On the bottom booter in finals – Photo Zach Hooper.

On the big screen. Ready to drop.

On the big screen, thanks everyone who tuned into watch and for all the supportive messages, means a lot :)

– Run 1 – on the jumps I went cab underflip, backflip, backflip to back 3, I lost speed on my underflip so had to improvise with my run and went with an extra backflip to keep my speed through the course to put my first run to my feet. – Run 2 – I went for the run I intended to in run 1, cab underflip, front 3, backflip to back 7 and just put my bottom down to scuff the landing!

I am trying to locate some footage so those of you who didn’t see me live can watch my runs, Transworld Snow, have put up a little video and I have 2 shots at the start, so I vined the shots so you can see. Enjoy!

Vine footage from Transworld Snow.

Congrats to the ladies of the podium, Jamie Anderson, Enni Rukajarvi + Silje Norendal. Onto the next one, we have the Copper World cup this week. Stay tuned :)

Lip slide first feature

On the first feature – photo –> Chris Wellhausen

EURO X – Tignes

28 Mar 2013 / 0 Comments / in Competions

So Euro X games wrapped up last week, and it was a blast.  Sun, baguettes, cheese, and a great slopestyle course what more does one want when in France? Officially my last contest of the season was the World Cup in Sierra Nevada, Spain but unfortunately it was cancelled 2 days ago. So here is the low down from Tignes and a few behind the scenes snaps of what went down!

X GAMES double

First off. Got my double down… watch it HERE X games run numero 3.


Photo: Espn
Sam from Whitelines snuck into the Slopestyle course and got this cheeky follow cam of me warming up on the game day.

also huge thanks to Whitelines for the props here. They did a little write up.

And now enjoy the pics!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 20.19.59

Flipping out over Tignes.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 13.42.03

Backboard. Photo Ed Blomfield


My family was in town and came to support so was ace to have them on the sidelines.

Slope crew

The Slope crew loving the sun and the fun course!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 19.39.17

I had 2 signings one with Red Bull and here is the Roxy signing going down with some of the Quiksilver boys.


Aimee, Kjersti Money!

We gave out these Roxy tokens. Straight up cash… with our faces on!

Catching up with the BBC 5 live crew

Slope side with Hannah and Will from BBC 5 live.

Finals day

Me hyped to land my run and the Buaas just bossed 3rd place on the podium.

Congrats to all the girls, Silje Norendal for taking home the WIN. So exciting to be part of the most progressive contest this season. Thank you all so much for the support slopeside and online, insane! So buzzing.

Now the contest season is a wrap it’s time to enjoy the spring and get a little filming done. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun few weeks on the road.

Aimzzz x

Dew Tour.

18 Dec 2012 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

After Idaho, we booted it back to Colorado for the Dew Tour, to arrive in the coldest conditions of the season so far, rumors had it that on the first practice day it was -20… first day of practice was pretty much a right off, gale force winds, the elements weren’t on our side. So I went up to scope out the course with Jamie Nicholls, fellow Brit and then chill after the 12 hour roadie from Idaho.

Screen shot 2012-12-18 at 23.08.16

Semi finals day it was premo, I had a really great practice and was feeling the flow of the course, I don’t think I have ever ridden such a long, big and fun flowing course, well done to Breck and the Dew Tour for putting such a good course together. LOVED IT :)

Here is a little clip . I trick II flips from practice!

Come the time of semi’s after having a break and then dropping in for my first run I’d misjudged the speed slightly… over amped on my second jump and over rotated a double, at the time I was really hyped to get back up the top for my second run, but when It came to my turn to drop, my shoulder seized up and I had to pull out, totally gutted, but hey it’s all part of the game, and it should be good for 2 weeks time, so bring on the next one.

DEW tour

Big props to the winning ladies, Jamie Anderson took the top spot, followed by Spencer O’Brien and Enni Rukajarvi.

Roxy's next top rider

Working on that pout for Roxy’s next top model / rider with Kjersti B.

Dew Tour babes

MEGA INSTA banger gram. Just some of the Dew Tour babes…

Jamie Anderson, Kaitlyn Farrington, ME!, Stefi Luxton, Torah Bright, Kelly Clark, Maddy Shaffrick, Sina Candrian, Arielle Gould, Kjersti Buaas, Shelly Gotlieb, Spencer O’Brien, Cilka Sadar, Enni Rukajarvi, Silvia Mittermuller, Silje Norendal.

Xtreme with T

The day’s game face…getting all extreme with T – bird. “Torah B”.

guns , knives, and eggs.

The day before I flew home I spent the day filming with Cheryl Maas and Johnny Roderick from Neu productions, we have some exciting stuff in the line up. So stay tuned for some updates on that, but as of right now i’ll leave you all guessing.

So the Dew Tour is a wrap, now it’s home for Christmas! I got upgraded on the flight to London, soo pumped on that, so I arrived feeling fresh to cruise up to town to the Red Bull HQ for lunch.


Next up for me is Colorado round 2, looking forward to getting back on my board already.

Enjoy CRIMBO, make sure to get involved in some good food and chill time, I sure know I am going to!

Hintertux is a WRAP!

27 Oct 2011 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

Just back from a super fun trip in the Zillertal Valley! Here are a few pic’s from my last week!

The view from our deck up to the Glacier.

Jamie Anderson was over in London and had heard the word on Tux, so hoped on a flight to Munich to come hang out for a few days.

Had an epic shred session on Tuesday with these girl’s, Jamie, Sarka and Cheryl. aka Cheeeralley. This nick name is most appropriate as when we arrived at the train station we tokyo drifted into the parking spot!

Me in the air. Upside down. Loving it!! haha

Mayrhofen is amazing in the Autumn, we took a hike up to the Gumpen, the gromies, Katie Ormerod and Row Coultas taking control of the debris on the way!


Silje Norendal was in the house for 2 days, she rocked up as the bad weather came in and left when the good weather came in, but still we headed up to give it ago! Watch out Halldor Helgason + Co. Sexual Snowboarding take 2

Sterling hooked Jamie up with some of my sock’s, she was stoked!!

I went on a random road trip with these 2 gent’s! James Woods and Colby West. Harriet drove us all the way to Zell am See over the pass to check in to see the Winter of Well’s documentary. Epic.

and last of all big up’s to this little fellow. Archie… he has lent me his bunk bed for the last 2 week’s. Pure gentleman I think.

Thanks to everyone for a super fun trip to Tux, especially the Coultas family for having me!

Back in the UK now, London Freeze this weekend and the Premier of 5 More minutes is going down, Friday and Saturday as well as some signing’s so come check out the movie and say hello!!!




-13 and Whiteout. YUM.

09 Oct 2011 / in Trips

So we woke up today, to this. It has literally changed from Summer to Winter over night, such an amazing view from the balcony.

Though’t I’d share this little slam with you… I was messing around trying some new things out of the bottom of the pipe with Cheryl Maas, this one I may have overcooked!

Today it was really gnarly conditions up the hill -13, whiteout and snowing, not the most appealing so we spent another day down in Mayrhofen at the Coultas crib. It’s the spot, Sunday roast today!

The boys repping my Stirling Socks, Dom Harrington, Jamie Nicholls, Archie and Rowan Coultas, cheaa they love pink!

We went to check in at the climbing center, Jamie was slaying it, the reward of getting to the top, resulted in my foot in his face.

Gregor Samuel’s not even a year after his injury is back out here in the mountains, great to see him on such good form.

Did a little shopping with Silje Norendal, 3 day’s off in a row, cabin fever! It resulted in us in the local sports shop trying on all sorts of shoes.

Checked in at the Roxy store in Mayrhofen,  spotted this poster… crazy!

and I got my first shot in Golden Ride, Double page. STOKED. Go check the mag it’s a banger issue!

So tomorrow is meant to be the last day of bad weather, so amped to get back up on the mountain and get at it again!